Our Mission

To contribute monetary support to families indirectly through the Social Work Programs at Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital, specific to pediatric oncology, to help ease the overwhelming financial burden of their children’s cancer treatments and prolonged hospital stays. Support will be in the form of patient aid for treatment related expenses such as:

To contribute to hospital enrichment programs such as Child Life, which provides educational, recreational and entertainment programs to the children who are spending their days and nights in the hospital instead of at home with their family and friends. This program supplies activities for the patients, emotional support to the patients/families, educates, and serves as an advocate for the patients/families. The Child Life (oncology) program will purchase toys, games, movies, TVs, DVDs, computers and other items needed to comfort the children while enduring their treatments.

To provide support to the Make A Wish Foundation, an organization that grants children with life threatening illnesses a once in a lifetime wish. Zoë's wish to go to Disney Land not only delighted her, but also gave her family joyful memories to cherish for life. By donating money to Make A Wish Foundation. we can give other families the chance to make lasting memories during an uncertain and difficult time when such memories are truly priceless.

To provide donations to The Leukemia Lymphoma Society and the National Children’s Cancer Foundation, organizations committed to finding cures for childhood cancers, including leukemia and other blood related diseases.